Episode 129: Seal of Ambiguity

This week we apologize for the audio quality but promise it won’t be a deal-breaker as Rowan teases some new X-Files, Josh restarts Fallout 4, and Jay covers Beck in Beyond Two Souls. Plus, Rogue Galaxy, Rebel Galaxy, dad guilds, David Bowie games, David Cagé games, Schrodinger’s Gallaway, and more!


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Episode 128: Scrilla for Attila

This week we are joined once again by good friend of the show Aaron Hawn to talk Tom Nook Amiibos, all the Fires Emblem, Total War: Attila, Invisible Inc., apologies to Mad Max, Destiny actually being fun, SWTOR outta nowhere, our new Question of the Week, PC corner with Josh, and more!


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Episode 127: 2015 GOTY ShowShow In The FoFo

This week we break down our favorite games of 2015 in our annual GOTY spectacular featuring guest panelists Gus Mastrapa, Aaron Hawn, Ken Lucas, and Charles “Merrio” Moran. Get hype!

GOTY #1: Bus, BART or Bathroom Game of the Year
GOTY #2: Brodeo of the Year
GOTY #3: Companion of the Year
GOTY #4: Liquid Televideogame of the Year
GOTY #5: Unmentionable of the Year
GOTY #6: Dunce Cap of the Year
GOTY #7: Flannel-Wearing Remember the 1990s GOTY
GOTY #8: Missed GOTY
GOTY #9: XCOM of the Year
GOTY #10: Best Voice & Choice
GOTY #11: GOTY 2016
GOTY #12: 2015 Game of the Year


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