Video Games – Week in Review – May 9th 2016

Nintendo pulls a Nintendo and delays Zelda (again) to 2017. Not only that, but it’s coming out for both the Wii and the NX. It’s Twighlight Princess all over again. What’s the NX? It’s Nintendo’s next system. It’s coming out in 2017 and you won’t be hearing about it any time soon.

Hey, you like your Xbox One and Playstation 4? Love those next-gen graphics? Well, you might as well throw them in the trash because rumor has it that both Playstation and Xbox are coming out with more powerful consoles a lot sooner than expected.

Speaking of outdated stuff, did you just upgrade your graphics card? I hope not, because Nvidia is launching their new 1070 and 1080 monsters. They are beasts and you want one. 

We’ve been busy:

Quite a week! Until next time.