Episode 100: GOTY Simulator 2014

2014 sure was a year for games, and the time is upon us to welcome our Unwinnable overlords, Chuck Moran and Stu Horvath, to join Josh, Jay and Rowan for our third annual Games of the Year blowout. We laugh. We cry. We learn how to pronounce words like “Mario,” “Theatrhythm,” and “Persona.” But in the end, most of us get Rowned. And the categories are…


GOTY #1: Deja Vu of the Year 

GOTY #2: Brodeo of the Year

GOTY #3: Bus, BART or Bathroom Game of the Year

GOTY #4: Companion of the Year

GOTY #5: Liquid Televideogame of the Year

GOTY #6: Expansion of the Year

GOTY #7: Unmentionable of the Year

GOTY #8: Dancing Numbers of the Year

GOTY #9: Dunce Cap of the Year

GOTY #10: Missed GOTY

GOTY #11: Comic Sans Award

GOTY #12: Flannel-Wearing Remember the 1990s GOTY

GOTY #13: Most Whiskey Snorted Out The Nose

GOTY #14: Best Telltale Episode

GOTY #15: GOTY 2015

GOTY #16: G.O.T.Y.


Thanks for listening and we’ll see you in 2015. Happy New Year!


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